But can we talk about 5sos “working out”? 

michael u lazy son of a bitch

where the hell is michael

can we take a moment and acknowledge luke’s jumping jacks smh

i love how ash running is all hot and manly, and then you have 10 year old luke hemmings



How to win my heart:

  • concert tickets
  • band merch
  • band merch
  • band merch
  • concert tickets
  • band merch

band member

"I worked at KFC and I also worked at a video/DVD hiring chain called Video Ezy. I was fired from both but Video Ezy was, uh, I used to tap on the benches being the drummer and I used to get free DVDs. So I went in one day and I went up to the counter and I’m like “Hi, can I have these please?” and she’s like “Yeah that’ll be $7,” and I said “I thought I got them for free?” and she says “You don’t work here anymore.” - Ashton & the video shop story